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The Cheapest good USB mic in the world ($26)


cheap usbSo I was surfing Amazon (yes, I do that), and came across this: USB Microphone Cable – XLR female to USB. The price was right (15 bucks with shipping), so I grabbed it.
When I got it, I plugged it into my cheapest dynamic mic, a NADY SP-4C “Starpower” mic ($10). I added a one-dollar foam windscreen (get those HERE), and made the attached recording.
Sound is pretty damn amazing for 26 bucks. Tiny bit of background noise, but good enough for a decent podcast, for sure. And they also sent a gift with the cable, a universal SD card reader. Not a bad thing to have.
The USB cable isn’t passive, it actually has a little converter amplifier in the fat part near the USB end, that’s what does the magic.
–Michael W. Dean

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