Mic no longer working on Windows 10 ? – Here’s the Solution. (For FeenPhone and for all apps)

(this meme ^ is humor, not fact. It’s parody. We’re just showing our frustration at Billy Boy trying to make a walled garden while pretending he cares about privacy, when he cooperates with law enforcement way more than he is forced to.

So the latest “Improvement” in Windows 10 (updating to version 1803, you know, the update you can’t skip unless you pay for the enterprise version), has the wonderful “feature” of disabling the microphone for all apps, EVEN APPS YOU WANT TO ACCESS THE MICROPHONE. So FeenPhone will connect, but the mic will always have the red X through it in the FeenPhone interface, until you disable this “feature.”


SO, to fix this fix so FeenPhone will work,

Hit the Windows key + S

then search

microphone privacy

you’ll get this screen, below.

Turn ON the microphone, then turn OFF the mic for all apps showing that you don’t want the mic having access to. (FeenPhone does not show up because it’s not in the Windows Store and Windows wants to be a wallet garden like Apple.

(If you wanna port FeenPhone to Linux, let me know, I can help with what you’ll need, and I’ll help promote it, and will put it on our site. And you can’t just “stick it in Wine.”)




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Author: MichaelWDean