Great software is like aspirin: does very few things, does them very well, has few side effects, isn’t expensive, has no patent and is easily available everywhere.”

Michael W. Dean: CAO (Chief Anarchy Officer) audio engineer and cat herder

Michael Dean is a talk radio host on the Freedom Feens show (Genesis Communications Network). The Freedom Feens is syndicated on three dozen commercial stations. Michael is a musician, an audio engineer and was creating and sharing spoken audio shows over the Internet in 1998.

He was an early adopter of podcasting, back in 2006. Michael is already using FeenPhone to connect to his remote hosts on live radio 7 shows per week. Michael envisioned FeenPhone, helped design the overall technical criteria and some of the internal functions, did extensive testing, wrote the tech manuals on this site, and is the loudest cheerleader for FeenPhone there is. “I’m not just part of the company, I’m also a client!”
Michael has worked as a technical writer for O’Reilly Media. He also created the popular BipCot NoGov license.
Michael was the team leader, consultant and head publicist on the MeowBit, FreeSpeechMe, MouseCount and BipCoin software projects.

Derrick Slopey: Programmer
Derrick does brilliant stuff with zeros and ones. He runs Alienseed Software. He developed MeowBit and the Silver Calculator App for Windows Phone. Derrick is a member of the Maine Hacker Club.


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FeenPhone alpha testers and beta testers:
Derrick Slopey
Michael W. Dean
Lousander Feen
Davi Barker
Dianna Keiler
Randy England
Ian Freeman
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Leaping Kitty FeenPhone logo poster (also adopted into funding video) by Crazy Rich.

Funding video edited by MWD.

Special thanks: Debra Dean, Neema Vedadi, Darryl W. Perry, Phil Abatecola, Drew Phillips, Anthony Lopez-Vito, Crabington Von Crabistan, Link Porterfield, Jeff L., Sean DuVally

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  1. I guess Roger ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Ver donated bitcoins? And didn’t the first funding only get under 400 USD? The 2nd one is already beyond that now ^_^

    1. The first round got 1200 bucks total, cash and BTC.
      This one so far has about 650 bucks cash and BTC.

  2. Source and destination ports. I am trying to use the default 5150. To be clear, I am testing this out on my computer which has an i5-750 cpu, 12GB RAM, and Google Fiber internet (1000Mbits/sec).

    I still have issues.

    Cannot connect while running a server.

    Microphone still red X’d.

    I imagine this is a port issue. I will keep reading over the manual as well as looking up how to contact someone about this.

    1. Hi Aaron,

      Mic will not have a red x if you have a sound source (mic) connected, picked in the drop down, then you click on the red x and it will be unmuted and will have audio able to be transmitted.

      Did you forward a port? You have to. Then enter that port, click Run Server in the server tab. Person on other end just puts in your IP and forwarded port and clicks connect.

      Try connecting locally first with two FeenPhones running on one computer. Search
      Testing FeenPhone Without a Second Person
      on this page:


  3. Thanks Michael. We have tried Source and Destination ports as such: Source: 5150 / Destination: Any

    I used the IP that shows when I search what my IP is.

    I am not reachable by my friend.

  4. I have also tried Source: Any / Destination: 5000-6000

    I have my router set to accept incoming connections (Minimal security)

  5. I’m calling into an actual studio to do my show..We are broadcast live terrestrial. I have a cohost that has luci live and ties into the studio remotely. We can’t have 2 luci live softwares running so I’ve been relegated to google hangout..I sound horrible.. I’m hoping this is a solution but have zero technical aptitude.. I look at the instructions like a foreign language. 2 questions.. Can I call my studio’s line and connect using this and if so can someone take me by the hand and walk me and my studio through the process..Thanks so much..

    1. Jason:

      >Can I call my studio’s line and connect using this


      I’m currently using FeenPhone to connect with my co-hosts on a terrestrial radio show on 34 stations:

      We’re going to start using it soon to connect to the network also.


  6. I’m assuming my studio will have to download as well to have it all work.. I’ll let you know if I have any additional questions.. Thanks for your responsiveness.

  7. I love the quality of sound, but I need a way to record this conversations. I’m ending up using a small digital recorder, but it’s limiting my recording to mono. I prefer stereo – easier to edit conversations when tracks are split.

    Do you have any suggestions (other than buy a new recorder) to record the conversation on the Feenphone computer?

    1. Hi Kim,

      Adding true stereo transmission ability to FeenPhone is on our list of things to add:

      But as you can see it’s waaaay down the list. The first batch of additions are much more important to wide adoption of FeenPhone. And we’re far short of our funding goals, which are pretty modest to begin with.

      One downside of adding stereo transmission is that it will degrade the audio signal, i.e. will be using half as much pipe in each direction for each person. I try to just record audio correctly while I’m doing it, and then there’s no need to record in stereo. It’s not that hard to do.

      One tip: you should have your apparent volume in your headphones about 10% – 15% louder than your remote co-host. If you have them the same apparent volume, the co-host will be louder on the recording. Because your apparent volume in your headphones is your actual audio in your headphones, plus the sound of your voice conducting through your skull from your throat to your ears!

      I’m going to try a test soon, probably this weekend, and do a blog post on here if it works out. You could try it now if you want. I’m going to plug a headphone splitter into the headphone out on the mic (or on the computer, as long as you can hear yourself AND your co-host.) Then put my headphones in one side, and run the other side out to a second computer. (You could run it to your digital recorder.) Should work fine.

      My easiest suggestion would be to do this, and spend 100 bucks on Amazon for a used Windows 7 computer, and use the computer as a dedicated FeenPhone unit. It’s a small price to pay for sounding so much better than Skype. Your media is worth it. Dedicate one computer exclusively to having great audio. You can get a used Windows 7 laptop or desktop computer on on Amazon that will run FeenPhone well for $100-$150. Your media is worth it. Dedicate one computer exclusively to having great audio. You can get a used Windows 7 laptop or desktop computer on on Amazon that will run FeenPhone well for $100-$150.

      And / or you could use a mixer to run a mix-minus with FeenPhone and record you and your co-host in different channels on a second computer or a stereo digital recorder. Search on YouTube “how to set up a mix-minus.”

      Adding recording capability into FeenPhone is much further up the list, it is planned, may include split stereo recording of two mono transmissions, but again, I’ve run out of money to pay the programmer.


  8. I’m no latency expert but in thinking about buffers for 2 people speaking, one might need to consider more than the hardware and software latency. The wetwear latency may be playing a role in these time domains as the average auditory reaction rate with neurons is 170ms and this impacts both the sender and receiver.

    Sodium and calcium voltage gated channels are involved in this neuronal transmission. In human auditory neurons have 2 very different average “baud” rates (1ms vs 100ms) and these genes are highly polymorphic genes in the genome implying we each may have very different auditory reaction rates.

    Interesting to think about what this means for differential human experience and how our biological receivers may all have a customized experience of the world.

    1. Thank you Kevin,

      I agree. I call that “brain latency.”

      And I’ve used my editing program to measure the gaps with Skype shows we’ve done. The gaps are about the same with FeenPhone. Actually with Skype it varies from a little less to a good bit more. FeenPhone is consistent.


  9. Michael, thanks for the quick response.

    Ok, so what program are you using on the other computer to record the voices?

    1. Kim,

      I’m actually using a Zoom H2. They’re not made any more, but you could use their later better model, the Zoom H2n:

      You could also just use a second computer running Audacity, which is free:

      I have a couple videos on how I do shows and record.

      Do note that I no longer recommend using the PodPress plugin, I now use PowerPress. And I do not recommend the plugin WP Super Cache. It is problematic. I’ll be re-doing those videos at some point. The rest of the info in both is solid.


  10. Hi Michael,

    My studio engineer and I are going to get this set up.. The main reason I was looking into feenphone was to get away from calling in with Skype. Now my engineer is suggesting that I get Linphone that we will be using in conjunction with feenphone.. Not being a technical guy I worry about falling back to the same lack of quality again.. Is that the way this must communicate is through combining it with a product like Linphone.. I’m confused..I do have a remote Co-host that also needs to tie into the studio. But I’m confused as to why I need an additional VOIP on top of feenphone. Thanks

    1. I have no idea why your engineer suggested this. You can have 3 or 4 people on FeenPhone. There’s also a text chat interface in FeenPhone.

      Unless he was wanting to be able to talk to you without your co-host hearing you.

      I’m basing this on using a comrex, my board op at the network talks to me over it, I can hear it and so can my remote co-host on FeenPhone. No problem. Can be done the same way with all 3 people on FeenPhone. Though you do can get the best audio quality on FeenPhone with less users, so maybe that’s the reason. to not put more CPU strain on the computer running FeenPhone.

  11. So I’ve watched your video section on how to use 2 computers but you never explained how to link the Feenphone server computer to the Audacity computer. You show selecting Line In on Audacity, but not the actual linking. What cables are to be used? Linked to what – USB or what? Sorry to keep bothering you, but I like Feenphone and I want to use it.

    1. Kim,

      I don’t mind helping out at all. Especially if when you get FeenPhone running, you’d run an ad in your show for a while and link us on your website. Let me know when you get it all working and let me hear an episode, if it sounds good I’ll send you the MP3 of the 60-second ad and a small image to link on your website.

      I answer FeenPhone questions free. But your questions aren’t really FeenPhone questions, they’re “How do I podcast” questions. (You can tell Podcasting questions from FeenPhone questions like this: if you can substitute the word “Skype” for “FeenPhone” and it’s basically the same question, it’s a podcasting question, not a FeenPhone question. lol) I usually charge for podcasting consulting. But I am willing to continue helping you free if you’ll promote FeenPhone once we get it working well.

      But if this is going to go quickly, your questions will need more detail. Otherwise it’s like calling a mechanic and saying “my car doesn’t work. How do I fix it?” lol.

      For instance, with the particular question you asked today:
      –What computers are you using and what audio ins and outs do they have? Not the USB, but the headphone and microphone jacks.
      –(need the above info for both the FeenPhone computer and the Audacity computer.)
      –What headphones are you using?
      –What is the headphone jack size? If you don’t know, tell me the make and model number and I’ll check.
      –What mic are you using?
      –Are you using a headphone adapter, or just plugging directly into the computer?
      –Are you plugging your headphones into your USB mic or into the computer?
      –Are you using a USB mic, can it take headphones in? (What make and model is it?)

      On most laptops with the inputs and outputs that are common, this would work:
      Get two of these: 1/8th inch stereo male-to-male cable:

      And one of these:
      Generic 6-Way Stereo Audio Headset Hub Splitter

      If you’re plugging your headphones into your FeenPhone laptop, instead plug one of the 1/8th inch stereo male-to-male cables from the FeenPhone laptop audio out into one of the female jacks on the splitter. Into one of the other female jacks on the splitter, plug your headphones. Into one of the other female jacks on the splitter, plug the other stereo male-to-male cable. And plug the other end of THAT cable into the audio input on the Audacity laptop. Should work, but you’ll have to watch the output levels. If they’re too high, you could plug this between the splitter and the Audacity laptop to turn down the recording volume without turning down your headphone volume:

      That’s all the really inexpensive quick-n-dirty way. Better (but more expensive and more complicated) is buying a mixer and setting up a mix-minus. If you want to do that, let me know, let me know your budget, and I’ll suggest one and point you to tutorials on setting up the mix-minus.

      If you’re running your headphones into your USB mic, let me know and I’ll adjust this tutorial accordingly.


    2. Kim,

      I want to get you using FeenPhone too. Your podcast sounds really good. Very good audio quality and very good talking. (Toastmasters usually have that! I did a DVD with one, he’s a great talker.) I want to get it so you can sound that good with remote hosts. And hopefully then FeenPhone might catch on with other Toastmasters.

      One suggestion: the needle rip that comes up often is way louder than the talking, it’s too abrupt and takes the listener out of the soothing-yet-compelling vibe of you talking. I’d turn it down to about 1/4 as loud. Or better yet, find a different audio delineator. The needle rip is an old cliche. It was an old cliche even when there were vinyl records, and many people now have never even touched a vinyl record! It also doesn’t really “say anything” about the show. The pounding of the gavel would even be better. Though that would be abrupt (and also signals the opening and closing of a meeting, right?) I still think you could find something better. A pleasant chime? A page turning?


  12. Michael,

    Where was that brilliant idea using a gavel when I had to fix this recording? That’s one idea I will keep for the future! I hope that is the only time I have to interject my abject confessions in a podcast where I screwed up so badly.

    I am constantly struggling with sound levels. I get it sounding good, and when it runs through the compressor (using Chris’s Compressor from the Audacity to Podcast website), everything changes and I end up letting it go at that point.

    I continue to learn, thanks to people like you.

    I doubt I can add an ad to my show – it has a sponsor – but I will be gladly adding a comment “Recorded with Feenphone” on the podcast and a link in the show notes. I will be trying to use Feenphone for a show I’m producing – I’ll talk to the owner about adding an ad or a mention on the podcast – his goal is a 2-3 minute podcast, so a 1 minute ad might be a bit bigger than he’ll go for.

  13. Hi Michael,

    Ok.. we tested the system out with my engineers.. Right now I’m using a yamaha CM500 headset.. I included an audio of the test.. it breaks up.. he tested from a different location and it didn’t break up.. he said it might be my upload speed which is very low right now .5 I’m having my ISP come up and up that to 12 Download 2 upload but with no guarantees.. It’s DSL btw .. I just wanted to have you hear this and see if you noticed anything that out of the ordinary that could help me improve the quality both in the way it sounds and the crackling.. I’m considering getting the microphone that you suggest. I shut down all programs too when we did the test as well as quit skype.. here is the audio

    1. Jason,

      I can’t hear that link, it’s specific to being logged in as you on your gMail, not a universal link. Upload to sound cloud. Or if its under 5 megs, email it to me.

      Things to try:
      1. Get that mic. For sure. Headsets are not good.
      2. You will need to use headphones though, you can probably use the headset for headphone only if it has separate plugs for mic and headphone.
      3. Skype has to be off on your computer. Completely.
      4. you should be running nothing else on the computer that is using FeenPhone.
      5. No one else should be using Internet on the same DSL connection as you.

      .5 mbps up MIGHT or might not be enough to run FeenPhone. I run FeenPhone for my shows, totally solid for two-hour live shows daily, on DSL that’s 1.5 down and .75 up. But .5 up doesn’t give a lot of headroom. FeenPhone uses less than .1 in each direction, but more headroom is always good.

      Break ups in sound, if it’s a network issue, are more dependent in quality of connection than speed. And DSL is usually a higher-quality (if lower speed) connection with cable, since you don’t share it with your neighbors.

      Since I can’t hear the audio, I can’t get a clue if your issue is from the network, your computer, or your headset mic.


    1. Jason,

      Ugh,. That sounds horrible. Could be anything: electrical (house wiring), mechanical (bad cable or connection), computer (wrong drivers for USB mixer). Only way to tell is replace one thing at a time with something that works (like a good cable) until you fix it. You have a radio engineer, right? He should be able to fix it, especially if he can come to your location. But if he can’t, he should be able to walk you through it on the phone.

      If this is a recording done over FeenPhone, it could be any of these problems on EITHER end.

      Anyway, I can’t really help you with this. This doesn’t sound like a FeenPhone issue, it’s a gear issue. I charge for help with that. I do FeenPhone help for free.


  14. Hi,

    I just found freenphone, and I´m currently testing it.
    I´m using Audioscience soundcards on some of my machines, and whenever I try to make a connection from one of those machines freenphone simply crashes. I have tried other machines and they seem to be working.
    Are the any issues re. Audioscience cards. (I use WDM drivers),

    Best regards,


    1. No known issues with those cards.

      What operating system are you using?

  15. Here a Dum Dum Question,
    you sayd Windows Compatible… but i’ve give a try and …. bummer i need Vista! or Server 2008!!

    What do i mist ?

    Yes all my stuff running on stable XP/Sp3 and no intention to go to crappy 8, plus all my XP run in Linux when i need. 🙂

    1. Any Windows Vista or later will work. FeenPhone literally will not even install on XP, I’ve tried it.

      I know XP seems stable, but it’s really horrible with security at this point. Like an open virus farm. I’d recommend getting a used Windows 7 machine in general anyway, not just for FeenPhone.

      I loved Windows 7 and said I’d never get Win 8, but recently got a laptop with it, and I like it, if you add this five-dollar start menu, lol:


  16. It’s there any way to implement an automatic reconnect? And about command-line for star server and client?

    1. We’re adding both these into the next version. Thank you. FINALLY someone made suggestions that were good suggestions for FeenPhone, that don’t go off in some odd direction away from the primary purpose of FeenPhone.


  17. Goodday.

    We discovered FeenPhone this summer while looking for an alternative to solutions we’ve used in the past – believe me, they were terrible solutions. When we can get a true POTS line, we used a Comrex Blue Box and got great quality, but we’re not always able to get POTS lines, so we had dropped back to using a cell system from Verizon (basically a home phone cell system). That system was much less than the quality I wanted. We tested Skype, FaceTime, and a half dozen other options, then discovered FeenPhone. Oh, WOW!!! Could not believe the quality.

    We broadcast high school football beginning with “Week 0” in August and go through the Friday before Christmas with an All Star game. When we discovered how good FeenPhone was, we invested in a Verizon 4G LTE device so that we could use FeenPhone anywhere that we can get 4G service (which is pretty much anywhere we broadcast from. We’ve been using two laptops with Windows 10 on them and the results have been great. But, we tried to run it on our Production computer in the studio (a Windows 10 computer running BSI Simian Automation software) and discovered that as soon as the remote computer connects to it, FeenPhone stops working and closes out. I’m not sure if this is a FeenPhone problem or a hardware/software problem on that computer because it seems to be occurring only on that computer. I’m almost wanting to try it on our OnAir computer because it has the same configuration but is running Simian in “Air” mode. We also run STORQ on another OnAir computer (not Windows 10) that I’m considering trying it on as well.

    Regardless, would you be willing to assist us with this? If it’s a FeenPhone issue (I doubt) or if it’s a hardware/software issue, we’d be willing to pay for your help. Last night we were at a stadium that has a direct copper connection back to the studio. Lightning had destroyed that connection earlier in the week, so FeenPhone rescued us by allowing us to continue a broadcast that we would have had NO WAY to broadcast other than over a cell phone. Thanks for a fantastic system.

  18. Hi James,

    Do you have the latest version of FeenPhone? A version has come out since summer that’s more stable.

    Version name: beta v0.3.5675.23000
    File name: FeenPhone_Setup_7_16_2015.msi
    MD5 Checksum: 6440d5500a56bc7bcb8c3f520fcf15b8
    Release date: 7/16/15

    It also has a lower bandwidth setting that works better on intermittent networks.

    The newer version also auto-reconnects if you lose your connection.

    Uninstall the FeenPhone from your computers and download and install the latest version.

    Also, I wouldn’t run it on the automation computer in the studio. FeenPhone works best on a dedicated computer. Even if it’s an old used Wind 7 computer you get for 100 bucks of eBay, as long as it has 4 Gb or more of RAM, it’s going to probably work better than a better computer that’s running some other programs. We use this inexpensive computer at our network:

    Our show The Freedom Feens has 20 co-hosts all over the world connecting two or three a night to that computer, and it works great. Even one host who was on vacation and parking on the street and doing the show from his car in front of a closed public library at night and using their free WiFi worked well!

    Also, the latest version of FeenPhone is sort of scritable with command line prompts,
    one of the things you can do is make it work one direction only, that might help if you’re sending your football game audio to the studio but don’t need to have audio returned. Would use less bandwidth if you’re only going in one direction.


  19. I have experienced this crahing problem on another machine, but I havent been able to narrow down the cause. I suspect it’s a specific audio hardware driver problem, but have not been able to verify

    I expect to have tho issue corrected I the next release, with the next couple months..

    I’m really glad to hear you’re finding FeenPhone so useful!

  20. Yep Michael. We’re currently running it one direction only. I’ve been wanting to set it up two-way so the studio can talk to us during breaks if he needs to relay important information to us. That would be helpful when we’re remote and can’t hear the broadcast. Our previous Comrex Blue Box had the ability for duplex and we used that to cue our return from a break. Right now, we have to have an open phone line for the entire game so we know when to start talking as we come out of a break.

    Derrick, I’m going to keep troubleshooting as well. If you find out a potential problem, please post back. If I find something, I’ll post back as well. The really odd thing is on that machine, once I set up a static IP for the machine, shared resources aren’t “seeable” by other computers on the network. That’s why I’m thinking it’s a “Windows thing” related to Win 10. But, who knows.

    Regardless, this is soooooo much better than what we’ve had. The Production computer only uses Simian when we are doing any type of production work. During a broadcast, it’s idle and Simian is not running. I kinda wanted to use it because of the really nice sound card – hoping to get just a little better audio with that method. It may be negligible though.

  21. Every podcast I listen to that has sub par audio, which is most of them, I always recommend feenphones and creamyaudioradio.

    Just had to email a sports podcast, since their audio makes Ron Paul’s podcasts sound fantastic.

    I’m doing my best to spread the message

  22. Hi, please give Michael Dean this message for me about his asthma and eczema and health problems…

    I was listening to your show today laughing to myself thinking “this guy must not know. Poor Mike Dubba Dean!” Dude’s falling apart, and doctors can’t help him (what a surprise, heh).

    Just spend an hour reading the links that come up on a search for “asthma and gluten” & “eczema and gluten”. I know you think gluten avoiders are stupid brainwashed foood-trender crazy dummies, but I solved my lifelong eczema problem by stopping my consumption of gluten and avenin containing foods.

    29 years I suffered. Then somebody told me to “go gluten free for a month” because it solved their rosacea problem. So I tried it, and now I know what my problem was all along after years of idiotic advice from dermatologists and steroid creams. It’s actually a problem with your guts caused by something you’re eating constantly. Your guts for whatever reason, can’t handle these grain proteins, your intestines’ cells are freaking out and it manifests as skin and lung problems (and other unseen problems). You need to repair your guts. Look up “how to heal leaky gut” and such. And for the love of god, give up bread products.

    Try it for 1 month – No wheat, barley, rye or oats.

    You can thank me on air in a month when you’re feeling 50%+ better.

  23. Yeah, I’ll try it. But how will I thank you on the air if your name is “anon”?


  24. Thanks for all that. I have tons of audio I/O flexibility on my audio workstation. But I never allow it to touch the internet.
    My laptop doesn’t have a line or mic input, I just need to invest in a basic USB audio device. Yamaha makes a couple
    small, basic USB powered mixers that would do the trick. And since they are USB powered, it opens up the option for MOBILE podcasting. Or live streaming of any kind of out-and-about journalism. I’m aware of Jack, I just haven’t had the time to play with it. The audio quality of the Mixlr platform seems to be all in all better than Skype. But, I just love the idea of feenphone. Incorporating it just seems like the right thing to do. 🙂 Take care guys.

  25. Hello just came across your site and was wondering if your product would work for what we do? We broadcast live sporting events for high school and college… From looking over your site I am assuming that you record your program by using Audacity is this correct?

    1. It should work for what you’re doing.

      you can record with anything, but not on the same computer running FeenPhone.

      Our quick-start guide should help you.

      Any help beyond that, we charge for, since this is a free program we give you for no charge.

      Good luck,

  26. Dr. Prince.

    We broadcast high school football EVERY fall for the past 15 years or so and we’ve used the Comrex Blue Box system every year until the 2015 season. That required us to have a copper phone line connection and that’s getting harder and harder to get. Last July, we tested FeenPhone and then ran the entire football season all the way through playoffs and it worked flawlessly. It worked as well as the Comrex Blue Box and potentially even better. Our live (and recorded) sound was like we were sitting in the studio. Our listeners noticed the better quality as well and our board and underwriters perked up. This year, we are planning to run two broadcasts every week so we’ll be using this in two different locations.

    I’d be happy to share the gear list and our setup with you (and other FeenPhone users if you’d like. I can even share the OnDemand recordings that we have available so you can see what I’m talking about. We purchased a Verizon 4G LTE device so we can broadcast anywhere we can get a 4G LTE signal – even riding down the road on location broadcasts. We can ever go back to another method now.

  27. So you are using FeenPhone? I’d love a link to a show you used with FeenPhone. And a list of the gear you’re using.

    We had a remote host’s internet go down the other day, ten minutes later he was back up, using his smart phone as a hot spot for his laptop for FeenPhone. sounded even better (same quality, less latency) than FeenPhone over his home cable internet.

    This episode. If you go a half-hour in, you’ll hear the HotSpot FeenPhone on Derrick J.:


  28. Your software looks interesting, but myself and the people I work with all run Macs. IMO, virtual machine software is too much of a pain to be a solution we would be happy with. Perhaps you will have a Mac version at some point. Your choice of course… but there are many quality minded folk who use Macs.


    1. It’s licensed BipCot NoGov. Better than Open Source. Why don’t YOU make an iVersion of FeenPhone? Instead of telling me to do it for you?

  29. Hi we are a non profit and we want to BROADCAST using your service and with a audio telephone or video source for eg skype or a online conference call facility we are not very technical and blogtalk radio has it all but not very good can you advise me further please. We want to stream a 24/7 radio station with some live callers.


    1. Hi Andy, I’m a non-profit too (not official gov-sanctioned, I just work helping a lot of people for very little money), and can’t afford to spend time helping for free to set up the software we made for you for free. I’d advise you to find someone in your town who is tech-savvy and willing to volunteer. You can probably even give them a tax write-off, correct?

      Everything they need to know is on this site. On the pages “Quick-Start Guide”, the “Michael W. Dean’s 20-Minute Audio School” and “FeenPhone Full Manual.”

      When you do get it all working, please, if you can’t make a donation, at least write another post here as a success story.

      Michael W. Dean

  30. Two questions:

    1. Is there a way to record from feenphone to an external recording program.


    I love what you guys do. you are awesome and I can’t imagine living life without feen phone now.

    Thanks for all you do!!

    1. Ron,
      > Is there a way to record from FeenPhone to an external recording program.
      Yes, either:
      a. Record to a second computer (or to a hard disc recorder).
      b. VIDEO capture program (you’ll only capture the audio). This one is free, but only outputs MP3 audio:

      Probably never, unless you wanna donate a few thousand dollars to pay our programmer.

      If ANY more work is done on FeenPhone, the priority is to improve error correction. i.e. minimizing drop-outs when using with someone with a less-than-perfect Internet connection.

      Worms. Make a donation if you can if FeenPhone has helped you.


  31. MichaelWDean says:
    July 26, 2016 at 6:34 pm
    > Is there a way to record from FeenPhone to an external recording program.
    Yes, either:
    a. Record to a second computer (or to a hard disc recorder).
    b. VIDEO capture program (you’ll only capture the audio). This one is free, but only outputs MP3 audio:
    Probably never, unless you wanna donate a few thousand dollars to pay our programmer.
    If ANY more work is done on FeenPhone, the priority is to improve error correction. i.e. minimizing drop-outs when using with someone with a less-than-perfect Internet connection.
    Worms. Make a donation if you can if FeenPhone has helped you.

    >> Cool. How much do you all need?

  32. Goodday guys.

    The non-profit radio station I work with used FeenPhone last football season and it worked great for us. This year, we’re wanting to use it even more. Plus, we want to make a donation to help further development. I’d like to “buy some time” to talk with you for a few minutes on what we want to accomplish and see how it can best be done. I know that you have offered the ability to buy your time to help with setup and installation, but could we make a donation and get a little time from you? I’d suspect we’d need less than 30 minutes.

  33. Why is there a woman’s voice saying the word “trial” 1-2 times every 3-4 seconds during my single connection? There is no documentation about this or any other person saying they are having this issue. What in the world is this?

    Win Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit
    connected to
    Win 10 64-bit

    I do get the audio that I am trying to send but with this lady saying Trial overlaid in the audio.


    1. Ron, did you read my comment below that this is NOT from FeenPhone?
      Did you think to google
      woman’s voice saying the word “trial”
      I did and got this;

      Beyond that, I can’t help you. FeenPhone absolutely did not cause the “trial” issue, and like you said, our program is free, so I can’t spend a lot of time troubleshooting something I didn’t cause.


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