How to set up a Windows computer to automatically reboot once a day


This is a great thing for people who insist on never rebooting their computer. Never rebooting causes problems. Rebooting daily will increase performance and solve a lot of problems, especially with things that affect running FeenPhone smoothly. You can set up your computer to reboot once a day while you sleep or are at work with this simple method:

  1. Press WinKey+R > type taskschd.msc and press Enter (it will launch Task Scheduler)
  2. Left click from the right pane on the Task Scheduler Library > open Action from the top menu > New Folder… > name it MyTasks > click OK
  3. Left click on the MyTasks > choose Action from menu > Create Basic Task… (it will open task wizard)
  4. You can enter the Name , for example “Restart”, and press Next
  5. In Trigger section you can specify when you want to run your task, for example:
    • Select Daily , and press Next
    • Now you can specify the day, the hour and set to recur every day, after that press Next
  6. In Action section you can choose what you want to run, for example restart your system, to do this:
    • choose Start a program , and press Next
    • in the Program/script field type shutdown /r (with no space at the end), and press Next
    • You’ll get a prompt asking if you are sure you want to do that:


click Yes, then press finish.


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