Tutorial for FeenPhone’s Cough Button, FeenBook (phone book) Audio Notifications and Call Clock

So there are a bunch more features in the latest version of FeenPhone. They’re all listed here. Many of them are things that happen in the background to improve FeenPhone overall, and those are changes you won’t need to interact with directly in any way.
There are four features you will want to interact with: Cough Button, FeenBook (phone book) Audio Notifications and Call Clock. I’ll be adding this info into the FeenPhone full manual, and linking this post in the Quick-Start guide.

This is a minor, subtle feature, but can be helpful. It did not exist in previous versions. There is now a clock in the Users area showing in hours, minutes and seconds how long each co-host has been connected:



Audio Notifications

Now, when someone connects, you’ll hear a ring tone play once. It’s a woman’s voice singing “FeenPhone…..FeenPhone.” You won’t need to “answer” the call; if someone has your credentials, they can connect. But you’ll know when they connect. This can be very useful in a multi-host show.
The default for Audio Notifications is On, but you can turn it off by un-ticking the Audio Notifications tick box, here:



Cough Button

This is one of the coolest new features. FeenPhone now has a Cough Button. It mutes your mic as long as you hold it down with your mouse, and un-mutes your mic when released. And it’s got a quick sweep from 100% to zero percent, and back from zero to 100%, which prevents an audible “click” when hitting and releasing the button. It also makes the drop of any tiny ambient room tone less noticeable.


While the Cough Button is pressed, it turns to a negative inversion of the image:



FeenBook (phone book)

You can now save frequently contacted IP / Port combinations, and give them a name. Access the FeenBook by clicking the little book icon, here:


This will open up the FeenBook. The default entry is localhost (for testing on one machine from one iteration of FeenPhone to another):


To add a new entry,  type a name for the connection in the Name box (can be anything you want), and in the Addr box, type the IP. If you type the IP with no colon and port, it will add the default port of 5150. If you add a colon and your port choice, it will save that.
Here’s an example of adding an entry for Billy Bob with the IP of and the Port of 5179.


When you’re done, click the Add button (bottom right corner of FeenBook) and the entry will be added to the FeenBook:


To insert a saved entry into FeenPhone when you’re ready to use it, double click on the entry in the FeenBook, then hit the “Connect” button in FeenPhone. FeenBook will not save passwords, by default, because we want to encourage people to regularly change their passwords. So you will still have to manually enter a password if the Server you’re connecting to has passwords enabled.
To edit or delete an entry, right click on the entry and you will have the option to do either.


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