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FeenPhone – Free HD remote audio software for radio and podcasting

It sounds like you're in the same room.


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Bitcoin: 1DQG7mEFx6HkqMBXyLR8jkSABa3dxmxp3T

You can also set up a recurring donation of any amount on Patron. Is under the name “Intergalactic Prairie Studios”, that’s my bedroom.

amazon Shop Amazon US through my link. Bookmark and use whenever you shop Amazon. When you shop Amazon through that link, we’ll get a little bit of money from them without costing you anything!


Help make the world a better sounding place.

If you have a podcast or radio show, please consider playing this 60-second ad. You don’t need to ask permission to do it:

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FeenPhone: No-cost NoGov software for hi-quality remote #podcasting, #radio, #voiceover www.feenphone.com

BANNERS (by Davi Barker). FEEL FREE TO USE, PLEASE LINK US AT http://feenphone.com






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