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Mic no longer working on Windows 10 ? – Here’s the Solution. (For FeenPhone and for all apps).

Click the Feen bird to download FeenPhone:


FeenPhone has been tested on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8 and Windows 10. It works well on all. It even works on Vista. We’re run FeenPhone well on Windows Server 2012. It does not work on XP or any Windows version before Vista. It will run on any Windows version from Vista forward. If you want to run FeenPhone on a Mac, read this. Or this.

Read the Full Manual or at least the Quick-Start guide for info on how to set up and use FeenPhone. Using FeenPhone is not difficult, but it’s a bit different from many programs. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. NO MATTER HOW TECH-SAVVY YOU ARE, THIS PROGRAM WILL LIKELY NOT WORK FOR YOU UNLESS YOU READ THE MANUAL. Especially the part about completely exiting Skype before using FeenPhone, and the part about having a port forwarded before you try to use FeenPhone. And the part about that you MUST use headphones with FeenPhone.

If you had another version of FeenPhone installed, uninstall it first before installing this version.

List of improvements is here.

Version name: beta v0.4.6217.1357

File name: FeenPhone_Setup-Anniversary.msi

MD5 Checksum: 31162c11835c072d87913d5af3b2ef7d

Release date: 1/8/2017

File size: 4.72 megs. (4,956,160 bytes)

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FeenPhone is currently Windows only. There is no Linux, Mac or Android version yet. If you want one, make one. Please let us know if you do (or if you make improvements to the Windows code) by posting a comment below.