Autostarting FeenPhone as a server

The following steps describe how to configure FeenPhone to autostart as a server using the new command line options. This is possible in FeenPhone versions beta v0.3.5675.23000 (July 16 2015) and later.

(See our other article with alternate method, here)

  • First make a copy of the FeenPhone shortcut (optional). I right clicked the shortcut on the desktop and dragged it to open a context menu, and chose copy.
  • You might rename the new shortcut, I called it “FeenPhone-Autostart Server”. Then right click on the new shortcut and choose “Properties”:
  • Add the desired command line options to the “Target” of the shortcut at the end, make sure there is a space between the file path and the first option. In this case we are using the following options:
     -servertcpport=5600 -starttcpserver -pass=worms

    And hit OK to close

    The complete Target looks like this:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\FeenPhone\FeenPhone.exe" -servertcpport=5600 -starttcpserver -pass=worms

    Note the quotes around the file path, these are needed if there are spaces in the folder name. If your password has spaces, you’ll need to enclose the password option in quotes like this:

    "-pass=my password phrase"
  • Open up the Startup folder, you can do this by browsing to
    %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

    in a file-explorer window.

  • Now just move the modified shortcut into this folder:
  • Double click the shortcut to test, it should start up with the server tab visible, and server box checked:

Now whenever the desktop starts, FeenPhone will open as a server. If you are on a PC that requires a login this will not work until a user logs in. If needed, there are other guides on the web that can show you how to auto-login to the desktop when Windows starts up.

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