New much better FeenPhone version up now!

new FeenPhone default settings

Thank you, Derrick!. (If you have a previous version, uninstall it first.) DOWNLOAD FeenPhone 7/16/15 beta. Click the Feen bird to download:


Version name: beta v0.3.5675.23000
File name: FeenPhone_Setup_7_16_2015.msi
MD5 Checksum: 6440d5500a56bc7bcb8c3f520fcf15b8
Release date: 7/16/15


Short form:
–Better codec setting, less drop outs.
–Reconnects program if you lose your connection.
–Password entry doesn’t fail now.
–Volume now logarithmic, not linear
–Volume doesn’t re-set when you hit the Buff Dump.
–Changed default Input Buffer and Buffer Target to more solid settings.
–FeenPhone can now be used with command line, added list of command line prompts ( c:> at top right of program)
–Passwords can now be saved in FeenBook for auto entry. (Tutorial here.)

If your Opus Codec settings doesn’t automatically go to Opus Talk 24 KhZ (16kbps), go into advanced features (the small blue circle near the top right of the program interface) and change it manually. Same with your Input Buffer being 80ms and your Buffer Target being 100 ms. Those are the best settings to start with.

Long Version of changes:

Bump version number
Password process improved, doesn’t have failure it used to.

Volume was linear is now logarithmic – much better for using FeenPhone as your mixer when doing a live show with a remote host. And does not re-set when hitting Buff dump.

Add passwords to address book and persist in user settings Passwords are not auto-saved in address book, must be done explicitly via context menu Extract two instances of LoginPassWindow creation and prompt code from NetworkWPF into new static function LoginPassWindow.Prompt
Enable 16kbs Opus Talk Codec – this is one of the big changes….uses lower latency, sound actually sounds better to most people, more “crisp.”
Hide underruns, dropped skipped in simple mode, show only in advanced mode
Minor text and assembly metadata changes

There is a new botton “?” up top that shows the command line options.

Here is the example for running studio to townerlink with auto-start and password/port specifications:

FeenPhone.exe -servertcpport=5150 -starttcpserver -pass=worms -nolocalaudio

Can be used for configuring an autorun shortcut to auto start the server.

The file contains the following changes since the last version:


Command-line argument -nolocalaudio disables the local input device.



Command line options for autostarting server and setting ports and password



Don’t recreate UserAudioPlayer.LevelManager  if it already exists. Fixes volume reset on BuffDump



Auto reconnect: makes 10 attempts to reconnect with 2 second delay


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