New, better FeenPhone version out now!


Derrick worked his butt off getting this next version out. Download it HERE.

Changes from last version:

  • Cough button
  • Call clock on each user
  • Audio notification on user connect (optional)
  • Phone book (“FeenBook”) for saving server IPs / port combinations by name.
  • Unmask password to prevent mis-typing
  • Changed license to BipCot NoGov license
  • Disable WASAPI Audio IN
  • Disable G722 codec and uncompressed PCM
  • Auto-select first audio input on device arrival if there’s no input selected.
  • Changed “Run Server” from button to checkbox
  • Fixed links in About tab
  • Added new license in About tab
  • Updated list of donators and special thanks in About tab.

I’ve update the screenshots and text in the FeenPhone Quick-Start Guide and the Full Manual.

Tutorial for the Cough Button, FeenBook (phone book) Audio Alerts, Call Clock are HERE.

3-host show done over this version of FeenPhone.

Version name: beta v0.2.5533.39689

File name: FeenPhone_Setup_2_25_15.msi

MD5 Checksum: 077098fa36abbc6c44dfd21994b18a0f

Release date: 2/25/15

Author: MichaelWDean

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