FeenPhone runs on Vista as well as Windows 7 and Windows 8

60s telcom FeenPhone

We made FeenPhone for Windows 7 and Windows 8. It will run on Windows 10 when that comes out. (There will be no Windows 9.) Some people are currently looking at making it for Linux. Derrick said he knew it would not run on Windows XP, but in theory it should run on Vista. The only problem was finding someone who not only still has Vista running on a computer, but will ADMIT it. lol.
Found that today. Sean has Vista on an old laptop stored in the attic. He got the laptop, dusted it off, installed FeenPhone. We tested it. Worked GREAT. Sean connected to me (I’m on Windows 7), he sounded excellent. He said I sounded excellent. We talked for 20 minutes. No issues. All good.
Here’s a screenshot, just for the heck of it, of it running from his end on Vista, during our call:

android device feenphone

Android meme by Darryl Perry.

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