FeenPhone now on Softpedia and Download.com

I still recommend getting it direct from us, here, to make sure you have the latest version (these sites take a few days to update when I send a new version), but some people feel safer getting software from sites like these, because they do some vetting. I did check the MD5 on both sites, and it’s correct. And installed it from there, and it worked fine.
FeenPhone on Download.com (pick the small “direct download” link onĀ  that page, the bigger download link is an installer that by default will set your search engine to yahoo or something).
FeenPhone on Softpedia (with a good review, they actually tried it out and wrote it up, it has “Softpedia” as the user name in their screen shots.)
–Peace, love and worms! FeenPhone is spreading!

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Author: MichaelWDean

2 thoughts on “FeenPhone now on Softpedia and Download.com

  1. I dunno how many people check that site to find new software but at least the reviewer has tried it out now ^_^

    1. yeah. And some nervous people might be more likely to download something new from there than from a site they’ve never been on.

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